Case studies and testimonials
A variety of independent trials and field tests are underway through outreach efforts initiated by earthHeal Canada. Key among these projects are the installation of Centre for Implosion Research (CIR) devices in strategic business and residential applications including: a commercial, indoor sprout farm; a Naturopath office; a Watsu therapy pool; a biodynamic farm; a country property on well water and septic waste systems; and an inner city home functioning as a fulltime Bed & Breakfast operating on municipally supplied water and waste treatment.

As reports and feedback come in from these trials, photographs and testimonials will be posted. If you or your organization would be interested in participating in a trial, please contact earthHeal Canada to discuss becoming a part of this ongoing research.

View of healthy, vibrant wheatgrass sprouts benefiting from re-energized water and an energetically enhanced environment with CIR's Vortex Energizer and EMF Harmonizer.

As reported in a variety of agricultural, food preparation and food processing applications, the use of revitalized water and the creation of an energetically, (electro magnetic radiation) neutralized environment results in significantly healthier, disease resistant, longer lasting and more nutritious vegetables, sprouts, flowers, baked goods and other foodstuffs and plant life.

Third party case studies and testimonials for specific commercial and residential environments and applications (pools and ponds; bakeries, greenhouses; health care facilities, both human and veterinarian; florists; organic and raw food restaurants; organic food and beverage manufacturers) using water revitalization technologies from various developers are available on request from earthHeal Canada. Further research and sample sites are continually being sought.

A Case Study in Commercial Organic Growing
From November, 2003 to March, 2004 a pilot study using Centre for Implosion Research (CIR) devices was conducted at Canada's first indoor organic sprout farm. Super Sprouts was committed to providing living foods through a wide variety of premium-quality sprouts and other health products. Operations were closed in the Toronto area for non-disclosed reasons at the end of 2005, but the service and retail operation will hopefully resume some time soon. Of note - the operation used a reverse osmosis water treatment system and full spectrum florescent lights. One Vortex Energizer and two Industrial EMF Harmonizers (all in copper) were installed in this downtown Toronto storefront and growing room. The Vortex Energizer was installed downstream of the existing water treatment unit used for watering the sprouts. Given the high number and positioning of the grow lights, one of the EMF Harmonizers was placed directly on a growing rack, the other Harmonizer was positioned in the office area to neutralize the affect of the computers, lights and other electrical appliances in the storefront.

According to the Super Sprouts production manager the following results have been observed over the course of the study:

  • grow cycles for wheatgrass in particular have been reduced from10 to 7 days meaning more product is grown in fewer days: "We'll have to adjust our planting cycles because the crop is growing that much faster than before," stated the farm manager.

  • a definite change in energy throughout the space has resulted: "Everyone is noticing a much calmer, more peaceful energy."

  • where one of the industrial EMF harmonizers is closest to the plants, those plants, in particular, are 5 cms. or more taller than the others

  • the juice from the wheatgrass grown at Super sprouts is "far sweeter than anything experienced here in the previous ten years. It's just amazing."

  • buckwheat sprouts literally pop up from the earth

  • there has been a noticeable reduction in signs of plant mould

As is the case in other agricultural applications tested to date, the yield, vitality, appearance and taste of produce, flowers, herbs and plants are enhanced by CIR devices treating the water and neutralizing the growing environment. The greater benefit - more nutritious produce - is also reported by consumers, but has not been scientifically measured. Independent lab facilities interested in doing this type of comparative testing will be pursued as part of the ongoing study.

Pool and Hot Tub Case Study
"In the middle of June, the pool company opened my in ground swimming pool as
they do each year. However, since I had recently purchased a Vortex Energizer, once the pool was filled I attached the energizer to a long shoe string and submerged it. I then walked around the perimeter of the pool three or four times with the energizer trailing in the water beside me. Finally, I attached the shoe
string to the ladder of the pool and left the energizer dangling in the pool
water. Two weeks later, the water remained absolutely clear and we began to swim. The lack of chemical smell was apparent as I had added no bromine or other chemicals.

Normally, upon opening the pool I take a water sample into the pool store,
where it is tested. They then provide me with a variety of chemicals to add
so that the water is balanced and I can begin the weekly addition of bromine
and 'clear'. It is not unusual to add many pounds of chemicals following
the first water test. This year, one month after introducing the energizer to the pool, I took a water sample into the pool store. Apart from the initial shock and
algaecide, no chemicals had been added to the water. I was informed that the
water was 'perfect' and that the chemical balance was fine. I asked
specifically about the alkalinity level and was told that it was fine. I
indicated that the at-home test strips indicated a 'zero' level for
alkalinity and that indeed I had not yet added any. I was informed that the
test strips must not be accurate since they were from the previous year and
that obviously sufficient chemicals had been introduced to the water. I
decided not to argue and to simply continue to enjoy my sparkling clean,
chemical free pool."
~ P.C., Wiarton, Ontario, Canada

Personal Harmonizer Testimonial
"Last night I burned my finger quite badly taking something out of the oven...on the metal baking pan. I put my PH (personal harmonizer) on it for some time and felt immediate relief from the there is no indication of a burn. It didn't blister or mark the area at all." ~C.L. Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

As with all alternative and complementary applications, specific healing or health claims are not intended, or the goal of earthHeal or these reports. Individuals are invited to follow their own intuitions in reviewing these protocols. Where beneficial effects are noticed, the attraction between interest and end result should be celebrated as evidence of the Law of Attraction at work.

CIR 's EMF Harmonizer
Super Sprouts indoor wheatgrass farm in Toronto, Canada
c. Super Sprouts
Residential pool and hot tub - operating chemical free with revitilized water.via CIR's Vortex Energizer
CIR 's Personal Harmonizer